The Rabbit in 2008

Overall Forecast For The Year

In 2008, the current year and the earthly branches of the Rabbit meet, resulting in a Punishment Formation Against the Grand Duke. This situation is akin to a clash with the Grand Duke, but with less negative influences. Usually, personal relationships will suffer under these circumstances, most likely through miscommunications or misunderstandings. If you are married, both you and your spouse will be testy with each other, and the relationship remains stagnant.

Aside from this, however, it is generally good news for Rabbits in 2008. Wealth Luck and Career Luck are generally good. You also have the auspicious Red Matchmaker Star active in your Life Palace. With this star in your celestial aspect, it is a good year to get married or start a family.

The second auspicious star in the Rabbit's Life Palace this year is the Moon Star. This star brings Noble People into your life - in this case, it will probably be a female person who will help you. Thus, you should pay more attention to female subordinates or superiors. In return, they will champion your cause and help you achieve your goals.

Rabbits should watch out for the influence of three negative stars. These are the Hook Spirit Star, the Piercing Ropes Star and the Triple Punishment Star. Firstly, the Hook Spirit Star will combine with Grand Duke Punishment - this results in thorny relationship issues, and even a love triangle. Couples readying for marriage should try not to quarrel over inconsequential matters, because the argument could pull the relationship apart. On the other hand, married Rabbits need to resist the temptation to stray!

The Piercing Ropes and Triple Punishment Stars exert a strong force in key aspects of your life. Monetary problems are likely because of the Piercing Ropes Star, while the Triple Punishment Star signifies troubled relations with people, including family members. Health-wise, you should not downplay minor ailments - seek medical attention at the first sign of discomfort, and make sure you get enough rest and rejuvenation.