Earlier symptom on H1N1

Subject: FW: Earlier symptom on H1N1

Hi all,

I was just informed by my GM whose her daughter has been down for fever think around 1 week. He took his daughter to Gleneagles Dr. Patrick for check-up. Dr. Patrick has gave him a very useful advice and i just wanted to share it with you guys.

When children has fever, the dr will prescribe the fever medicine to consume either in 4 or 6 hours period. I think all of you guys know very well on this. Normally the fever will go down after taken the medicine, and it will come back after 3 or 6 hours. But if it for H1N1 infectious, the fever will not be going down after taking the medicine and it will consistantly stay at high temperature for hours. And if this condition continous for 48 hrs, then the possibility of H1N1 infectious will be very high. For this case, i mean consistant high fever for 48 hrs, dr will straight away give the patient the H1N1 antiviral treatment, ie Tamiflu treatment for period of 7 days.