Beware: Cheque can be tampered by special ink

Just received an email from friend as below.

Subject: Cheques can be tampered by special ink so don't send by post.
Dear All,

There is an amazing way to steal money now!!

In early Feb 2009, I posted 2 cheques in 2 envelopes supplied by the credit card companies. I deposited the 2 envelopes into a postbox near my condo..

A few days later I was surprised that my account was overdrawn by more than the amount I have issued.

When I checked with the bank, I was told that the two cheques have been cleared but the amount debited was much higher than I had written!!!

I checked with the credit card companies and was told that they have not received the cheques for payment!!!

I suspect that the postman who collected the mails or those handling the mails therafter must have intercepted the two envelopes and must have got links to the bank.

I made a police report and was told that I am not the only one with this problem!! Then I went to the bank to ask for images of the checks and was told it will take a few days to get the information the police require.

I was also told by the bank customer relations officer that the technology is so advance now that there is a liquid which can be applied to the cheques and wipe out what you have written and the crooks will write over my cheques!!!

So please do not post your cheques. Looks like nothing is safe now and do not know who can be trusted these days.

I am waiting to see how my cheques have been altered or ???!!!
It is simply amazing what brains are used for nowadays.

Please tell all your friends and relatives to warn them of the danger.

[This Complainant is from Penang]