The best kept e-secret at JPJ

The best kept e-secret at JPJ



Few drivers realise that they can renew their driving licences online without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

And for a small fee, they can even have their licence renewal slip delivered to them by registered mail or courier.

With few knowing about the facility available on the Road Transport Department's (JPJ) website since April last year, the response to the online renewal service has been poor.

JPJ director-general Datuk Ahmad Mustapha Abdul Rashid said only 687 people renewed their licences online so far, way short of the 1,000-driver target expected in the first year of implementation. Every year, some seven million motorist renew their licences.

"Maybe it is because it has not been promoted enough by the e-services (concessionaires).

"But hopefully things will pick up. Malaysians are a bit sceptical at first (about new technology), but later on they will accept and use it, like on-line banking," he told The Star.

He also added that there were 11 million Competent Driver's Licence (CDL) holders in the country.

Drivers' may renew their CDL by accessing the JPJ website at, and clicking on the CDL Renewal Online link.

Applicants need to provide the usual personal particulars, such as their MyKad number, licence expiry date and their mobile phone number.

Via the online form, they can choose to renew their licences from one to five years, as well as decide on how they would like to collect and pay for the renewal slip.

The fee remain the same – a renewal fee of RM30 per year and a processing fee of RM2. Drivers who want their licences delivered to them will be charged a small delivery fee between RM5 and RM10, depending on location.

Those who do not want the renewal slip may head to any state JPJ branch to upload the renewal information into their MyKad.

Applicants can also choose to collect their renewal slip from one of the many e-service centres in the country, which are operated by e-services concessionaires MyEG Services Bhd and mySPEED Sdn Bhd. Payment can be made via credit card, or electronic online payment systems such as e-cash and e-debit.

Ahmad Mustapha assured users that the system was secure and reliable.

"So far, I haven't heard anything about the system going down. And it is safe to provide your financial details. There have been no complaints," he said.

By renewing their licences online, drivers will no longer have to worry about forgetting to renew their licences in future, as the system will send a reminder via SMS to the mobile phone number provided.